Internet Anonymity: How To Hide Your IP Address

Each computer that is hooked to the Internet has its own unique IP address. This address provides a means of determining the exact location of the computer using that address. However, there are times when you may want to conceal your IP. If you want to enjoy internet anonymity and you want to learn how to hide your IP, read on.

Internet Anonymity 1

Hiding an IP address does a few things. First of all, it allows you to visit different sites without disclosing your identity. Secondly, if your IP belongs to a certain region and that region cannot access certain websites, then by concealing it you can visit all the sites that were otherwise unavailable to your location. You can also use internet anonymity to safeguard your identity from possible hackers.

Internet Anonymity: Here is how to hide IP address

•    Use a VPN Proxy

By making use of a trusted VPN service, you be able to conceal your identity easily. There are a number of VPN services available to choose from.

•    Use a website-based Proxy Server

This is another effective and helpful means of hiding IP address. Since you will be using a website-based service you will not be required to install any software. Some popular websites also offer no-cost services.

•    Make use of proxy servers that are configured to your browser

Internet Anonymity 2

There are plenty of open proxies that you can locate by searching the Internet. These free proxy servers will provide you with an IP address which you be able to use to conceal your real IP. However, since these proxy servers are readily available to everyone, many (if not all) of them are dead or they perform too slowly to be of any use.

If you really wish to maintain your internet anonymity, then you should use one or more of the above-mentioned methods of hiding IP address.